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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Test ready
Col is a fantastic driving instructor, has tons of patience. Ensures that you’re not only ready for your test but you have confidence in your ability too. Definitely recommend Col as a driving instructor.

Truly Fortunate
Col was a fantastic instructor! He was not only patient on our lesson but incredibly helpful. I can not recommend him enough. I am truly fortunate to have had been taught by Col. Couldn’t have done it without him!

Truly Grateful
Col's a brilliant instructor. His friendly and patient manner made me feel comfortable in every lesson and helped me quickly build my confidence on the road. I've had the best support from him on the journey to passing my test. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Col to my friends and family as well as anyone looking to learn how to drive. Thank you for your time, I am truly grateful for your help!

Patient, confidence boosting and adaptable
I want to thank Col for his patience with myself and always ensuring that I had the best support possible to pass my driving test. If something wasn’t working or I didn’t understand, he was always quick to adapt/deliver the lesson in a different way which would work for myself. This meant that the lessons were perfect for the way I like to learn and has led to me being a confident driver.

Jacob K
Col is a very patient and informative instructor, wouldn’t have passed without him, can’t recommend him enough.

I had an excellent experience with Col that led me to recommend him to many of my friends. His communication was top-notch, creating a great learning atmosphere. I consistently felt secure under his guidance, which significantly contributed to my growing confidence on the road. Highly recommended!

Having Colin as a driving instructor was amazing. He was always patient and made all his instructions really clear for me to understand. He makes you feel at ease and always friendly to talk to which is very helpful when you can become nervous on your first few lesson. From the start of our lessons I felt at ease and my confidence grew after more and more lessons with Colin. I would 100% recommend to my family, friends and anyone looking for a driving instructor. Thank you for all your help Colin it’s much appreciated :)

Best decision
Switching from my old instructor to you was hands down the best decision I’ve made! I always felt so at ease and reassured even when I struggled at times. You’re so easy to get along with and I’ll always continue to recommend you to anyone looking to start driving. I’ll miss our lessons! ☹️

Great instructor
Colin is a great instructor, I would highly recommend him to anybody. He's very friendly, very clear with his teaching and most importantly, extremely patient. You're able to plan your own lessons and learn at your own pace, making it enjoyable and tailored just for you, so you can get the most out of the lessons without feeling like you're wasting money. I'm very grateful that I had Colin as my instructor, and thanks to him I was able to pass first time with 0 faults! Thank you Colin for all your help, it's been a pleasure.

Col was absolutely amazing from the moment we started lessons. I felt confident and comfortable whenever we did our lessons and Col was a huge support throughout. I couldn’t have done it without his support, 100% would recommend.

Thank you for being a really good instructor. I have had many over the years and you’re the only one who has helped me build my confidence. I am so happy I found your page and I will defo be recommending you to my friends and family. Thanks for your time helping me.

Thank you for being a really good instructor. I have had many over the years and you’re the only one who has helped me build my confidence. I am so happy I found your page and I will defo be recommending you to my friends and family. Thanks for your time helping me.

Top Priority
Col is a patient teacher, who really makes learning to drive an enjoyable and fun experience. By explaining the ins and outs of driving, it's easy to understand why we do what we do on the road. His top priority is keeping us both safe, meaning I always felt safe whilst driving. Thanks to him, I passed first time, and feel like a confident driver.

Infinite Patience
Col was an amazing instructor with a friendly manner and an infinite amount of patience. Learning with his calming personality and easy going charm made the entire process relaxing and fun. His gauge for when you are ready for the next stages of learning and when you are ready for your test are second to none. It has been a pleasure driving with Col and I will always miss our friendly chats.

Josh Mc
Great instructor
Colin is a great instructor worth every penny, explains everything clearly and lets you learn at your own pace. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor to help pass my test.

Enjoyable Experience
Speaking of Col Marsden, it has been a pleasure to have him as an instructor and to likewise have passed my test first time under his tutelage. A genuine blessing to have come upon him after spending my money with another instructor; Col does his research about the areas he will be taking you and takes into consideration what vehicle flow and foot traffic there will be at said time of day as to ensure your lesson is well spent and accommodating your current skill level while you learn. Col has made driving an enjoyable experience, he has always been willing to answer any questions I have or accept stipulations about my lessons (I always had a “route” I preferred to do the first 5 minutes). He is willing to let me try things if I was uncertain or apprehensive about particular situations while driving or about the ability of the vehicle and always willing to review why I did or did not make certain manoeuvres etc. when I had driven independently so we could correct or establish toward my ability. He’s a good man—my honour to have been his friend during our time together and it’d be a pleasure to see him again.

Confident Driver
Colin is an amazing instructor. I cannot thank him enough for his time and patience helping me pass and for making me a safe and confident driver. I have enjoyed all of my lessons in the short time I’ve been learning to drive with Colin and am pleased to have passed first time. I couldn’t have done it without you!

At ease
Colin is a great instructor, I would recommend him to anybody. When you do something wrong he will let you know and then explain how to improve. He was extremely patient and made me feel at ease and comfortable whenever we did lessons and on my test. Thank you Colin for all your help.

Thank you for everything. You were the perfect instructor and you taught me so many things which I'm so thankful for.

Tips and Tricks
Col is a fantastic driving instructor. He never went too quickly when teaching and always gave very good tips and tricks to improve your driving. Would highly recommend Col as an instructor to any new learner.

Brilliant driving instructor, I would definitely recommend Colin. He teaches at your own pace. Thank you so much for pushing me and having confidence in me.

Joyful Progress
The workbook provides a very good structure to the lesson as it gives an idea of what topic can/will be covered throughout each lesson, with specific requirements on each to determine whether you are able to do them. This allows you to structure your own lessons and have expectations when going into a lesson so that less time is needed. Colin is also a very good instructor who gives time to find your own mistakes whilst giving helpful tips and pointers where needed. He is also easy to get along with, allowing for the lessons to be a joyful experience whilst still making progress every time.

Quick turn around
The Semi Intensive Course offered by LDC has provided me with the essential driving skills I hoped to gain, just before I head off back to university. Over the past 4 weeks, Colin has been an amazing instructor in teaching me how to drive and has given me the much needed confidence when on the road. The LDC course, alongside my driving instructor and the book, has helped me pace my learning so that I was able to get used to learning how to drive way faster than I was expecting. Colin is a fantastic instructor and I highly recommend him.