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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Faye Ashcroft
Brilliant driving instructor, I would definitely recommend Colin. He teaches at your own pace. Thank you so much for pushing me and having confidence in me.

Joyful Progress
The workbook provides a very good structure to the lesson as it gives an idea of what topic can/will be covered throughout each lesson, with specific requirements on each to determine whether you are able to do them. This allows you to structure your own lessons and have expectations when going into a lesson so that less time is needed. Colin is also a very good instructor who gives time to find your own mistakes whilst giving helpful tips and pointers where needed. He is also easy to get along with, allowing for the lessons to be a joyful experience whilst still making progress every time.

Quick turn around
The Semi Intensive Course offered by LDC has provided me with the essential driving skills I hoped to gain, just before I head off back to university. Over the past 4 weeks, Colin has been an amazing instructor in teaching me how to drive and has given me the much needed confidence when on the road. The LDC course, alongside my driving instructor and the book, has helped me pace my learning so that I was able to get used to learning how to drive way faster than I was expecting. Colin is a fantastic instructor and I highly recommend him.